So the Windsor Contemporary art fair was excellent despite the terrible weather. I had a stand in a very good position near the main entrance and this meant that people mostly didn’t march past without looking.

Windsor art fair stand

My new work presented on acrylics went down well with many people and I sold a lovely mat acrylic finished image of the black horse which you can see in the centre of the picture of the stand, and in the image below, as well as my small image of a horse drinking from a lake, image below the black horse.

The point of this image was to make the point that you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!

My luxury silk scarves were of great interest to people, and now that I have some without horses there’s even more to interest people.

The chiffon scarf with lupins from Iceland was particularly sought after,

and the abstract scarf in lovely blues, golds and an occasional splash of silver. Here’s a couple of pictures of it.

You wouldn’t necessarily guess the source of this image, and it doesn’t matter at all, but it is a little intriguing that it is a very close up image of a decaying boat in a French boatyard. I had a delightful time in the boatyard capturing close ups of many boats in various stages of decay. I will be bringing some of these to the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair in March at Sandown Racecourse. If you think this might be of interest make a note of the dates, March 16th and 17th, with a private view on Friday evening 15th March.

Nearer the time I will be sending out invitations to the Private view, and if you might be interested please drop me an email and I will add you to the invitation list.

Meanwhile as we prepare for Christmas and think of those last minute things we want to give to friends and family, the scarves make wonderful gifts for people you love. There are also equine themed umbrella which are very unusual.

Both scarves and umbrellas can be bought online as can the original images of course.

Call me on 07812 341517 if you have any questions or any difficulty with the shop