About Me

I’m Kate Lloyd, and I create these lovely silk scarves that are all about feeling classy and special. I’m a big believer in supporting good British craftsmanship, making women feel wonderful, and celebrating beauty and quality. Let me explain how I make it happen.

I start with my own photos, carefully picking ones that I think will work well on silk. Once I think I’ve found the perfect match, I talk to the silk printing experts, a family firm who have been printing on many different silks for 40 years.

Having neither the skill nor the patience to learn, I leave that critical part of the process, and sewing the perfect hand rolled edge, to the talented folks in Tewkesbury.

Every scarf has its own story, from how I took the picture to why I thought it was just right. I’m a nature lover, so you’ll find designs inspired by horses (my lifelong passion), water, reflections, flowers, leaves, and more.

And here’s another thing that makes them special. Each design gets its own type of silk, making the final design truly unique.

You won’t find these scarves just anywhere—they’re not your everyday high street find.

I hope you find it interesting! And remember, these scarves make wonderful gifts, whether you’re treating yourself or
surprising a friend.

They’re not just accessories; they’re a touch of elegance and style.