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Luxury Silk scarves – how did this begin? The idea for scarves came from a client who loved my horse prints. One day she said to me “You know these would look lovely as silk scarves” and she reminded me of a family run silk mill near where I grew up in Gloucestershire. For decades I had been aware of it but, despite knowing it existed I had never actually visited.

So I took note of Lynda’s idea, and filed it away in my overloaded brain. For Years…., and years….

What actually prompted me to do something about it I can’t recall, but when I got my act together and went to visit the silk mill we had such a good discussion, and I started the first collection of four equine images as scarves. Two were square and two rectangular.

Here’s the Shadow Horse
And here’s the Lusitano in his stable
 Here’s the Shadow Horse
And here’s the Lusitano in his stable

And here are the two first rectangular scarves, displayed by the beautiful Jenny Seagrove.

Soon this first little group expanded to a set of eight equine images, and, later, realising that not everybody is as horse obsessed as me, I added a collection inspired by the natural world which includes seven scarves.

Choosing which images work as scarves was a lot of fun, and some were obvious from the start. The shape of the image to some extent determines the shape of scarf, though some images are amended to make a design suitable for a scarf. Square scarves come in two sizes, large ones for the equine images, and one of the non-equine, and medium sizes for the natural world. Rectangular scarves are favoured by some people as the best way to wear them is immediately more obvious.

Types of silk vary too, with different weight and translucency as appropriate to the image. Silk Crepe De Chine is the heaviest weight and is used for the large square scarves, both equine and one natural world scarf – the abstract boat.(This is definitely one of the most popular scarves).

All are presented in a smart, branded gift box and all are Made in England.

Greetings Cards

I also have a wide range of cards to send to your nearest and dearest – including images from the natural and horse world.  There’s sure to be something you’ll love


These are especially useful if you are buying for someone else and you can choose any amount of spend from £5 upwards.  I thoroughly recommend this as a system for buying a scarf for a friend if you aren’t sure which design they might like.



With variable weather to contend with and showers on the horizon my equine umbrella may be of interest too. And you can match with a unisex scarf.

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