It’s amazing to discover that it’s August already!

We love to talk about the weather, but honestly the hot days we had in July were out of the ordinary. How did you keep going? How did you manage to sleep?

One of the things I found myself doing was to think back to February when I visited Iceland. That was the absolute opposite in terms of temperatures. Some days were -6 C and the nights were colder still of course. 

Snowy nose

The horses are so well adapted to living in those bitterly cold conditions, even though they have no shelter, their lovely woolly coats are some protection.

I love that shaggy stage they go through and the foals are just adorable.

Bad hair day

They huddle together in herds and they are so unafraid of people that once they realise you aren’t edible, they kind of adopt you into the herd. It’s incredible emotional to discover this acceptance.

General fuzz

The landscape is of course amazing,, but I rather loved these huts, – they look really comfy and welcoming, in fact Hygge!

I long to go back to Iceland, and have to get some of my foals printed up for the next exhibition so I can remind myself of the lovely warmth of both the human and equine hospitality and positive emotions experienced.

Where have you been that you long to revisit?