Welcome this is not a traditional Gallery opening, but you are extremely welcome regardless.

Like many people in lockdown we looked around the house and decided there are improvements to be made. Some we had planned before but never actually decided they were priorities. But somehow doing a project felt like taking back some kind of control over an otherwise rather frustrating situation.

So in the process I found that an area we had refurbished had become an ideal spot to hang and show off some of my lovely new acrylic images.

The fact that it has lovely plain white walls is the great feature, and being the downstairs loo is only a minor disadvantage.

I have christened it “The Water Loo Gallery”!

Here are some pictures to show you how splendidly the images can be shown off. I must apologise for the slightly ‘wonky’ composition. It’s forced on me by the architecture of the room.

Yes I could spend hours revising my iPhone photos in Photoshop but I’d rather show you the images individually so you can see how splendid they are.

So these images were all taken on the island of Burano, including the way marker which stands close to the harbour edge. The island is famed for its colourful houses.

In Venice itself I took many other images, but these are featured on acrylics which show off particularly well in the Water Loo Gallery

Although I absolutely love the acrylics I also have some Venice pictures in traditional Fine Art Prints, and I find the black and white prints really satisfying. In some cases taking the colour away reduces distraction and allows you to see details that otherwise get lost.

Although my visit to Venice was back in January I have only recently started to really ‘see’ what I captured. It always takes a while for the brain to recover from all the excitement of the shoot and settle back into an appropriately analytical mode. And this year of course there’s been very little competition for image review.

So I hope you enjoy the first few Venice pictures, and keep your eyes skinned for more as time goes by,

If you’d like to buy any of these go to the shop here and look either for the Artist’s proofs, Acrylics or the Limited editions.

I’ll be back soon with more to tantalise you – I hope.

Toodle Pip for now!