I mentioned the other day that we are walking in the local countryside as our permitted out door exercise. As we go along we talk a little about a variety of topics. One of these is prompted by the dogs we see taking their owners for a walk in the country. Yesterday’s walk shows how much the woods are changing, from bluebells to wild garlic. I am learning to use my iPhone for panoramic images so I hope you might like this one. I have never seen so much wild garlic in my life. I do recall being told off by my mother aged about 4 after sliding down a slope of wild garlic and ruining my shorts. – bit of a Tomboy!

Wild garlic wood

Sometimes I feel we’re a bit like the couple in the advert (no idea what it’s advertising by the way) who are sitting in a bar or cafe commenting on the passing dog breeds, but more often we don’t know what breeds the dogs are.

So a very comment question from me is “What breed of dog do you think that was?”

Him “No idea”

One passing woman told us when we asked a little about the dog that her puppy is a ‘Sprocker’ – presumably a mix of Cocker and Springer spaniel. She was avery cute puppy and looked like a small Springer spaniel. Our next door neighbour is a very sweet Welsh Springer who came unannouced into my kitchen, had a little look around, sniffed a few things, and quietly left. he loves my other half who tends to be the donor of ham bones. – I’m veggie, so probably Toby (the Springer) knows I am a waste of space as far as treats for him are concerned.Anyway after knowing him for more than 30 years I have just discovered that my husband doesn’t like Dalmations! I think they’re really cute. I knew one called Fred, who unfortunately had gout, which apparently is a condition Dalmations are particularly subject to, so he had to take pills every day to prevent painful joints!