We are lucky enough to have countryside all around, and I haven’t really valued that enough. We have lived in the same place for 20 years now, and to begin with I was working full time nearby. I tend to throw myself into things full tilt, and so I saved very little time from work to enjoy the countryside around us.

Recently though I was walking down a bridleway in one of our local woods and remembered a photoshoot I had done there. I realised looking back, how much I miss working with horses and their owners. Perhaps that’s why I had a dream about a horse used to know last night. Here’s a picture of him with his owner, and I love the fact that her hair is the same colour as her horse. In my dream he was walking beside me through a shopping mall, quietly and almost as though he was chatting to me, with no tack on at all, no head collar even, just ambling along like 2 friends.

Anyway back to the bridleway. Although we’ve been taking our permitted outdoor exercise on local bridleways as much as public footpaths we have seen very few horses. I’m hoping that as lockdown eases, provided we don’t get a rush of new Covid-19 cases, I may have another chance to do some portrait photography with horse and owner as well as just the horses.

Now this looks like a bit of a discussion, what do you think is going on?

Here’s a rather tender interaction, how do you like the flowers plaited into the mane?

The other horse isn’t quite so well behaved, I didn’t realise at the time that he is actually biting the owner!

If you have a horse and would like to have his/her portrait with or without you involved, or if you are looking for a gift for a friend who has a horse, please get in touch so we can set it up.

kate@katelloydphotography.com will reach me by email or 07812 341517 will work equally well