As a child I was often taken to France on holiday, and apart from the Brittany seaside and Mont St Michel, the main thing I recall is the tree lined roads that went on and on forever, straight as a die, so unlike our British rolling roads, and lanes. Imagine the contrast in Iceland where there are few trees, so few in fact that on seeing this little group of trees I felt the need to stop and study them.

Despite my passion for horses I also take other pictures of landscape, seascapes and similar subject matter. The series of trees here is the result of gradually lengthening the shutter speed, also adding some subtle intentional camera movement (ICM). The images were taken in ICELAND in the winter. Actually it makes me feel quite chilly looking at them. It was very cold at the time.

This is the first image relatively crisp and clear

Each image is taken with an increasing exposure causing the blurring effect which I find very agreeable and which becomes a little ghostly as we reach versions 3 & 4 below

The second image has a longer shutter speed, and starts to look a little blurred and paler as more light is received over the longer exposure time

The third image is yet more blurred and again pale and a bit ghostly now

A little more ICM has been applied as the exposure gets longer.

The final image has become even more blurred, with a close up focus it looks quite interesting as you can see the ghosts of the transverse twigs and branches between the upright trunks.

If you are a collector or have a large wall you could place all four versions together for maximum impact. And if you have a discount voucher from a recent offer you could benefit from that by getting the full set.

At the moment all four are available as the first of a limited edition of only 15 prints, so there’s a real cachet in having that set.

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