Passing the time productively

I don’t know about you but I’m finding my lockdown time has been filled with chores – some of which I used to avoid at all costs!

So as I have had time to look in detail at all my photography stock, scarves, prints, Limited Editions, Greetings cards and Artists’ Proofs I have done a detailed ‘stock take’ and feel I am now in a good place.

I can tell you exactly what’s ready framed or unframed to send out without any delay. Normally orders are bespoke and may take a couple of weeks to fulfil, but here’s a way to avoid delays, if you are interested

The order process – behind the scenes

In ‘normal times’ the process of placing an order sets off a smooth and invisible chain of events starting with making the print, which is then sent to me to check.

This goes to the framer who has to make a mat for it as well as frame it. 

This could take a couple of weeks if he is busy, and I don’t know what the situation is just now. 

Because I exhibit my work at events which have so far this year been cancelled, I do already have some framed images in stock, which would be usually shown on the stand.

This means that if you happen to pick an image to be presented framed, which I already have, I can package it up and send to you immediately.

So, I’ll let you have an indication of what’s available to send out immediately. As there’s quite a varied selection I will break this up into several different blogs.

Watery images

There’s a set of 8 small square framed images, each of which is the first in its limited edition so each features the number 1/15. This is regarded as special by some people so if you are among those who value the first print this might be your moment. 

These pictures are small, framed in a black frame, with a hint of brown which is 11 inches square. They look nice as a set of three, five, seven or eight (There is a eighth image which isn’t immediately available but could be framed quite quickly – this one would be 2/15 as the first one 1/15 was already sold.)

The images are from a visit to the West Coast of France and feature boats, reflections in water and ancient fishing huts.

In the dining area of my kitchen I have a set of three of these on the wall, two are slightly different versions of a similar tranquil scene of a small blue boat on a river with its reflection, one has more reflection than the other due to the position of the boat in the frame – and the surrounding foliage it makes for a very atmospheric image. Below you can see how they might look alongside the stairs – I wish I had space on my staircase to do this!

The third boat image is a close up of the prow of a boat in my favourite boatyard, which is mainly blue, with white edges. There’s a lot of texture in this image and the simplicity of the main shape is quite captivating.

Here are the two boat images featured in the composite image on the stairs above

Misty blue boat on river 1

I love the misty atmosphere – it’s early morning so the mist is rising off the river as the day warms up.

Misty blue boat reflected on river 2

Reflections always grab me, and this image has lots of reflections to enjoy.

Other images from the same area follow, the oyster beds are intriguing, and the sticks in this image are visible only at low tide. The Oysters are cultivated in a lagoon which experiences the tides, but without the roar of Atlantic swell because there’s a spit of land which almost closes the gap to create a lake rather than connecting with the sea.

Oyster bed 2

The ancient way of fishing in the area of Western France uses these small fishing huts, which stand out over the water. Each has a square net which is lowered into the water, left for a while and then raised to see what has swum into them. As you can see one of the nets is in a poor state of repair, and you might suspect that the huts function more as a man cave than a real fishing hut. Combining the huts with the way markers seems to create an interesting image, especially in black and white. This is called Carrelet plus 1

Carrelet plus 1

This is called Carrelet plus 2

Carrelet plus 2

This abstract image is the legs of the fishing hut, the effect of smoothing out the sea with a long exposure enhances the apparent strength of the wooden legs, the diagonal is strong and impressive.

Reflected legs

So from these images it is possible to imagine a variety of groupings. All the black and white images go well together, as do the colour ones, and the whole set can be displayed attractively together as well.

Please feel free to go and have a look at these in the shop.

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