Some years ago I had an equine photoshoot that sticks in my mind

Kate and her lovely horse Jacob were the subjects of the event, but Murphy the famously naughty black Labrador thought he was the main attraction.

Kate runs a lovely yard near the South Coast, and in recent times has been competing very successfully at eventing. It’s lovely to see what’s going and on and it prompted me to have a look back at our photoshoot.

The yard is surrounded by fields and lanes and Kate’s garden so we had many opportunities for attractive backgrounds

Jacob was a very well behaved subject, and wasn’t put off at all by the various places we posed him on the yard, and in the neighbouring fields. Murphy tagged along and sat in a well behaved manner at Kate’s feet.

At the end of the shoot Murphy was keen to take Jacob for a walk, so he grabbed the lead rope and tugged him round the yard. It was very amusing, at least for the humans who watched it, if not for the horse!