Spring has arrived in our garden and the daffodils are almost over, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!

I thought you might like to see something that’s not a horse, so here’s a lovely pot of daffodils and tulips bursting forth in harmony on our patio.

A bit of magic

There seems to be something a bit magic about the tulips which come from Wisley Garden’s shop. The blooms seem to be multi headed, can you see the little blooms emerging just below the big one? It’s a bit intriguing.

Grape Hyacinths

These grape hyacinths remind me of a story I’ve been told about when I was three. My father was an excellent gardener and he loved these flowers. One day I went around the garden picking every one that I could see until I had a couple of nice big bunches. I then went outside the garden gate and tried selling them to passers by! My mother was so shocked and angry with me, I am sure I got a jolly good smack when she found me, behaving as she put it ‘like a dirty little gypsy’ – I’m sure I was quite grubby as I had worked hard to achieve my stock of products to sell!!!

Of course I’ve no idea if this story is true, but I always feel a bit guilty as well as amused when I see the grape hyacinths in profusion.