My recent visit to Norway was a bit special. The reflections in the harbour were particularly impressive and might make a new scarf, depending on the suitability of the file I have chosen. More on that later.

Also it was memorable for the lighthouses. The most fascinating one was an ancient concept of the ‘beacon’ by which messages about forthcoming danger were passed along the coast from one community to another.

Here you can see the little basket on a long metal arm, which is lowered to be filled with wood, then raised and fixed aloft so as to be seen by the next community along the coast. This picture was taken at dawn when the light was just beginning to show and peek through the window and door in the stone walls in an interesting manner.

I love the fact that in this image if you look carefully you can see the more modern version of the lighthouse on the horizon just to the left of the ancient lighthouse.

I won’t be ready to show these at the Contemporary Art Fair, but keep checking the shop and you may see an opportunity to grab one of these images before anyone else. And of course you can approach me directly by phone email or text if you want to steal a march and get your own bespoke print. I think these could look fantastic as acrylics. Ask for more information if it appealed to you.