When I was young I loved the film singing in the rain, with Gene Kelly dancing down the pavement in and out of puddles and round the lampposts. I also loved the Fred Astaire films, and there’s one where he sings “Isn’t it a lovely day to be caught in the rain” In my memory he sings and dances to this in a sort of gazebo with the gorgeous girl, (possibly Ginger Rogers?) watching his amazing dance steps.

Real rain however is not always so much fun, and now that it’s almost November we’re definitely in for some. I also find that it rains at many horse related events, so in addition to my lovely scarves I had an equine themed umbrella created with the little Spanish stallion dancing round the brim.

Outside panel view of umbrella

Unusually the main interest is inside this umbrella, and it’s extra strong because it’s created from two separate layers to accommodate the two layers of printing. It has an automatic opening button too and a nice strong spring mechanism.

In addition to that I’m doing a fabulous special offer in my online shop, and at the various events I’m attending.

Inside panel view of umbrella

Check in with the shop to see if the offer is there yet and to find out what the offer is all about. As you can see there’s a matching unisex scarf, also available separately.

Postage is tricky with a long umbrella like this, but as part of the special offer I am absorbing the cost of a safe, wide cylinder to protect the brolly well, and the Hermes courier costs too, so all you have to do is tell me where to send it.

So isn’t it a lovely day …….