Have you seen any signs of Spring? I am on the lookout as we walk around our increasingly familiar routes on the Surrey Hills.

In the garden we have our first snowdrops, always the herald of spring and it’s just as well because we planted about 300 corms last year! So far one patch that I remember planting has absolutely ‘erupted’, but although I’m sure some were supposed to be special, they all look pretty much the ‘average snowdrop’ to me. Maybe the fancy ones come later on.

Yesterday, it had been snowing most of the day but it melted on landing, which is really the worst kind of snow, don’t you think?

The forecast overnight was for heavy snow, who knew what would it would be like today. It would normally be a day for a reasonably ‘big’ walk, though as the mud has been such a feature, we’re slowing down and finding our mileage is dropping a bit, even though we spend as much time outdoors.

On Friday we did a reasonable 17 Km and one of the signs of spring I managed to capture was a bright yellow catkin.

And here it is – I was surprised and delighted to find that the flowers are in fact in focus. Quite a random event out of doors with an iPhone photo! Both my tremulous hands and the gentle winds must have been briefly ‘in sync’. These days I feel I absolutely need a tripod to get a picture in focus at all!

Until I opened my eyes this morning, I was holding my breath for a magical white scene with ‘proper snow’.

And yes, it did arrive but it was more of a dusting than a blanket – it will have to do better than that!

Toodle pip!