Seamus is a really nice character, based near Margate, and beloved by Judith

Quite pleased with himself

Our photoshoot

Judith received a gift voucher from her family for a photoshoot with Seamus, she was very excited about this opportunity and various events meant we had to delay for a month or so. She had worked hard to get Seamus into peak condition, and he looked superb and handsome.

Slightly bad hair day – it certainly was windy

The importance of tin!

If you’ve looked at my equine photos before you may have noticed how much I like corrugated iron. It makes a terrific background and I used to use it for family photoshoots. Once a chap whose family I was photographing around his farm described it as ‘the tin’ barn, and I have fondly used that term ever since.

Loving each other

With Judith and Seamus we had the added attraction of the beach and spent a good half hour down there at the end of the photoshoot, after the rain showers had passed. Seamus looks terrific against the green rocks and you can see. here that they really love each other.

Horse on the rocks

On the way back from the beach there was a long fairly narrow lane, but it must have been heaven for Seamus as he got to munch most of the way back to the yard. I love the pictures we got of his rapidly disappearing cow parsley.

Looking guilty!

The beach

This rather tranquil setting kind of sums up the feeling of Seamus and Judith’s photoshoot. What a lucky photographer to have such a setting and such a happy pair of subjects