I find that there’s a theme in my recent seascape/water pictures. It’s reflection. That’s an interesting word isn’t it. Right now we might be reflecting on a lot of things, Covid-19, politics, opening up the economy, opening or not opening schools for students next month, are all themes that might pop into our heads at moments of ‘reflection’.

So my reflections in water are much more soothing. I’m interested to see that near where I live there’s a building that looks as though it is set in water, because of the way the architect has placed a rail in front of the front of the building. There’s actually no water there at all, which becomes apparent when you move a step closer.

The images that follow are from reflections in the sea off the West Coast of France, or a harbour off the Oslo Fjord, or Reykjavik harbour

Some are available as Limited Edition prints, some as luxury silk scarves, and one as both – that’s the reflected legs, which comes at the end.

So here we go

Carrelet with one

This is a fishing hut reflected in the sea off the West Coast of France. I love the ragged torn fishing net – it’s obviously not going to be a successful way to catch the dinner!


This is the most minimalistic image of two way markers in the sea off the West Coast of France. It’s rather interesting to see how you can hardly tell where the actual post ends and the reflection begins.

Carrelet with two

This is an image inspired by the two images above. The fishing hut with ragged net and the two way markers both feature, but, for me, because I love black and white, it has something extra. Colour can occasionally be a distraction.

Blue boat on river 1

The reflections of this boat are a gorgeous addition to the turquoise blue of the boat itself, and the green reflection of the ferns, albeit blurred, gives the idea of depth in the river.

Blue boat on the river 2

Placing the subject in an unusual part of the picture and featuring the slightly blurred reflections changes the mood of the image, compared to the one above.

Abstract reflected blue boat

A very tight closeup of the boat from the images above creates an interesting abstract image. Even the little drip of something (mud? insect? what?) reflects in the water and the grainy texture of the boat with all the imperfections in the paint also adds interest.

Harbour reflections

This image was created from the changing reflections in a small harbour in Norway. The deep blue is the sky reflecting in the water, and the reflection of the red boathouse ‘wiggles’ as the ripples in the harbour were changing all the time. There are several available in a series of these images, taken during a relatively short period.

Reyjavik reflections

This image was created in Reykjavik harbour from the reflected windows of the new opera house – it just seemed a perfect image for a soft floaty semi translucent scarf in Silk Georgette.

Reflected legs

This is one of my absolutely favourite images from the West Coast of France. So much so that I have had it made into a scarf, which I also love.

Here it is, with me modelling it!

French reflections scarf

Each of the water-related prints is available in a limited edition of only 15. All but one (the tight closeup of the blue boat) are available framed as the first of the edition. The are small, 26.4 cm (11 inches) square. I feel they punch above their weight and are most effective at that size, though they can be printed larger if essential.

The reykjavik reflections has not been printed on normal media yet, and may not be as it’s such a glorious scarf. The Norway harbour reflections are also in the pending stage about whether I will print them. I have a slightly different image as a small neckerchief, but it is all blue, with none of the red from the boathouse.

So if reflections as small images or luxury silk scarves are of interest, please go to the shop and have a good look.

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