Red Leaves Silk Scarf

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A luxury silk scarf featuring a limited edition printed image. Delivered in a gift box as standard.

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This large luxury printed silk scarf would make a statement accessory and a beautiful vibrant gift.

This scarf is very large, so is more like a wrap than just a scarf. It is Made in England, of Silk Georgette and beautifully hand finished.

The image was taken in Colorado during a visit in October 2018. I was struck by the rich red autumn colours and decided they would make a fantastic scarf. I focused sharply on a small collection of leaves and made the rest blur into the background using a very shallow depth of field, which gives a very warm effect. Catching the leaves without the breeze moving them took some patience. The wrap is in Silk Georgette and measures 100.8 x 153.6cm. It can be worn loose around the body or even as a sarong. Folding up to nothing it is an easy items to pack for an additional layer in cooler evenings.

The soft, floaty, part translucent silk gives a lovely warm feel as well as the warm effect of the colours.

Orders are delivered in a gift box as standard.

Take a look at the gallery to see the different ways this scarf can be worn.

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Dimensions 42 × 64 in


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