At the Royal Windsor Horse show last week I met a number of old friends, which was not surprising. ‘Horsey people’ gathered together in a common interest like that – it stands to reason doesn’t it? And it’s very much part of what I love about attending and exhibiting at horse shows.

Among them was a beautiful girl I had photographed years ago when I was beginning to offer photoshoots for people with their horses. The first possibility of an encounter was signalled when a passerby asked me who was the lovely girl in the black and white photograph I had on display.

It turned out that the passerby had her horses at the yard where the beautiful girl now works.

The next sign was when an elegant woman arrived and said “That’s my daughter’! and the likeness was interesting, tall, slim, elegant, dark hair, though I’m not sure I would have guessed without being prompted.

Finally the subject of my picture arrived together with an admiring entourage. She was highly amused to see the picture, though she was actually more interested in seeing the horse, who had recently been sold, evidently he had been a big favourite. he was certainly a marvellous model on the day we did the shoot.

So here are some of the images from that Photoshoot so long ago

The horse is called Glamour, the beautiful girl is Alicia
This is a version of the image I had on display one of my absolute favourite images
Gates are always useful in a photoshoot.

The main thing I remembered about the weather for the shoot was that it was really quite chilly and Alicia was an absolute trooper.

Wearing only that thin knitted top she insisted she wasn’t too cold, and managed to look gorgeous despite the frigid conditions.

So if you had a chance to do a photoshoot with me what background would you choose and what clothing?

Please get in touch to discuss the options, call me on 07812 341517