Oyster beds

Just South of Bordeaux is the town of Arcachon, which is where the oysters grow. 

Busy with tourism and a smart resort in its day Arcachon has a tidal basin which is a fabulous place to sail and swim, but which also frames a significant area of oyster farming.

Arcachon is a famous place to sail, especially for Catamarans and in a former life when I was younger, stronger and fitter I used to crew on a Dart Catamaran in the Bassin d’Arcachon. The tidal difference is very significant which makes for interesting sailing, but as the tide goes across the beach on the south side of the Bassin it is quite safe for swimming. Compared to other beaches with such a high rise and fall of tide, there’s little risk of being swept out to seas as the spit of land on the Atlantic side almost closes off the Bassin.

At low tide the oysters can be seen clinging to the posts, but at high tide many of them even disappear.

As a photographer the oyster posts form a delightful subject to consider and capture in different light, in rain and sun and in different states of the tide. This image is one of my favourites and will be on my stand at the Windsor Art Fair November 10-11th at the Racecourse.

It is the first of a Limited Edition series of only 15, so if this is one you like, come and snap it up fast!

As Christmas is coming this would also be a great gift for anyone who loves black and white photography, images of water or who is a sailor.

Please come and see me at Stand 63

.Oyster bed poles sticking out of the water