I think I have mentioned that I was in Venice in January 2020. Oh my goodness, I am absolutely longing to go back – it seems such a very long time ago!

One of the brilliant things I’ve been doing in lockdown is to learn a new skill in photography, so I have been ‘playing’ with some of my pictures. Now that everyone with a mobile phone regards themselves as a photographer, and the quality of the images can be extremely high, it’s important for those of us who are professionals to do something different.

I’ve been learning more creativity, through the use of a number of techniques, for which cameras were not designed. One of these is Multiple Exposure (ME), and another is Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).

So while in Venice, I took a number of images of side canals, which were amazingly attractive. I have now played with one of these images with my new techniques, and I am showing them here.

The original image, along with some of my other favourites, is part of my free print giveaway, enter here! It closes on 7 March, so don’t delay!

This one is the ‘start’ point, where I have blended two images, but not changed any colours.

Various manoeuvres result in strikingly different colours. This one is a little ‘cooler’ with more shades of blue.

Now we’re getting paler.

Or here’s a much stronger blue.

When presented as a panel of similar images, the variations become more obvious.

I really like blue, as you might have guessed, but I love the pale and ghostly versions

I’m in the process of building a new website for my newer work, as it is so different from my realistic, representational photography.

Keep your eyes open for the announcement in due course.

Meanwhile, Toodle Pip!