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When I was very young, maybe about 2 or 3, I decided that I wanted to be shopkeeper.

I know that’s a common game, in fact my grown up grandsons came to visit recently and were talking about the shop game they used to play in our kitchen, using the clothes dryer as their barrier to the rest of the global environment.

For me it was not just any old shop, but definitely a stationery shop, with lovely thick paper, fountain pens (remember them?), ink, and pretty envelopes. My mother used to use pale blue Smythson notepaper which I think must have been the winning item for me.

Most of all I wanted to sell cards. So how thrilling is it that so many years later – far too many to tell you – I have a collection of absolutely gorgeous greeting cards. These have just been added to my website and I’m delighted to say I had my first order within minutes of finishing the posts. That was soooo encouraging!

And you won’t be terribly surprised to know that many of them have images of horses on them. “Really” I hear you say – “I never would have guessed that”

A Soulful Lusitano

Well, I have had to include some other images in my portfolio and in the card selection, and I have made up what I call six-packs (guess how many cards are included?!) These allow you to get a little bundle of cards at a reduced price. Go and have a look here.

A Lusitano on a red wall

I had a favourite place I go to buy cards, and I liked to look through the humour section, which in the past has included funny, witty and yet ‘thoroughly suitable’ (note the stuffy, antiquated, authoritarian tone!) cards for friends and relations.

Nowadays, (maybe because I’m just getting old) I find them vulgar and unfunny, certainly unsubtle and unsuitable, which is such a shame.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a nice card to send someone who loves horses, or tulips, or watery subjects, do have a look at the brand new section on my website and see what tickles your fancy.

A blue and white boat

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Icelandic Horse with a Flaxen Mane

Of course it’s quite possible that while on the shop floor you may see another item (Luxury Silk Scarf, Acrylic Image, Limited Edition Print?) for yourself or a friend or family member. We have all sorts of events coming up in our family, Birthdays are numerous in October, and there’s at least 2 wedding anniversaries, and in November there’s – oh what’s that awful thing called just after Thanksgiving holiday?… um you know……. ‘thingummy, whatdyamacallit day’

Then assuming it’s allowed by our political masters there’s always Christmas. Luxury silk scarves are an easy buy for aunts mothers sisters, and even ourselves!

P.S. If you’re struggling to choose something you can always ‘cop out’ and go for a Gift Voucher so the recipient can choose their own gift. Although there’s a horse image on the Gift voucher you don’t have to have a horse themed gift.

P.P.S. Don’t forget there are always digital virtual events going on, and my website shop is open all the time, so whatever your time zone, go for it here

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