I hope you haven’t got fed up with the horses I have been showing you from my trip to Iceland. I have a couple more for you to see.

This horse has a delightful expression, a little wistful, wondering look. But what really amuses me is his little beard of icicles. Once again it illustrates the hardship of the life these horses have to endure.

What a mane!

His mane is all over the place and reminds me of my hair when it’s driving me crazy because I need it cut! But he definitely looks so cute doesn’t he!

Snowy nose

Here’s another horse who has a marvellous highlighted mane blowing in the wind, but again the big feature for me is the snow on his nose, which shows how tricky it is for these horses to find food.

A lot of digging and snuffling has to be done to get to the buried treasure. I love the beard and the way the light just glances on the tips of the blowing hair under his chin

More snow and ice

This last image shows a small herd moving quite fast across dangerously icy ground with gorgeous evening light coming from beyond them.