I mentioned in a previous blog that I had images of reflections in the harbour in Norway. So here are a few of the images for you to see how vibrant the colours are. The huts are generally painted red, apparently because in the past the best and most readily available material for painting and preserving wood was blood! here’s a little vista with a small hut in the distance. The red colour picks it out so clearly, even though it’s such a long way away.

Red hut on the rocks

The fascinating thing about watching the reflections is how much and how randomly they change. Capturing an attractive balance of sky, hut and ripples is quite tricky though I feel several of these have about the right amount of each to be interesting. I wonder if you think any of them might make a luxury silk scarf to increase my range of non-equine images? I’m quite excited about some of these, but need to wait for the technical team’s view of their suitability.

Harbour reflections 1
Harbour reflections 3
Reflected boathouse
Reflected boathouse blue

So, If you think you would like to select one of these images as the basis of ra design for one of my scarves you can send me an email at kate@katelloydphotography.com, call me on 07812 341517 or text me at that number. Why not give me your thoughts, who knows you might win a prize!

More at Contemporary Art Fair at Windsor Racecourse Nov 9/10th . Come along to stand 17 and see what’s new, from Iceland, (not the shop)!