Following on from yesterday’s post about authentic ancient ways of fishing here are two more images of the fishing huts I mentioned

These are called Carrelets, named after the square shape of the net that is lowered into the sea. You can see from the one that’s closer that not all of them are in perfect working order.

That of course makes for brilliant photographic subject matter. You can compare the impression given by the waymarkers in black and white with the earlier post of the red ones in the blue sea. I feel the black and white works well when there is additional subject matter, but if it was just the posts it would lose too much.

While watching these I saw the net being lowered into the sea by one apparently unmanned hut, which was a bit spooky. I suspect though that there were people inside, but the squeaking sound of the ancient pulley, which you can see quite clearly, was a slightly unnerving sound.

As I mentioned in an earlier post the sea looks flat because of a long exposure, and this smooths out the ripples all around. I particularly like the reflections around the posts supporting the hut which you can also see quite well in the really close up image of just the support posts.


All three of these images will be for sale on my stand at the Windsor Contemporary art fair on November 10/11th at the Windsor Racecourse. Come and see me on Stand 63 especially if you think you or a friend m might be interested to buy one. They are all Limited edition prints, the first of a set of 15, and would make a brilliant gift for anyone interested in black and white Photography.

You can also see the show guide at this link. My entry is on Page 17

Do pop in if you have time.