Its a funny time of year isn’t it? I don’t usually notice this so much as I have this year, but I seem to be in a sort of limbo. It’s not quite Christmas yet, but it’s dangerously close, and I’m not sure I am ready! So I was surprised to find myself looking back to a photoshoot from almost two years ago. I had the opportunity to photograph some absolutely magnificent horses in Florida. They were comfortable and relaxed in their stable and totally unimpressed by the presence of people, studio lights or flashes and I think they felt their only problem was that there were definitely not enough carrots. Looking back I found some images I hadn’t previously developed, a grey horse and a light bay neither of whom I had previously worked up just jumped out at me – metaphorically you understand….

Both these two are magnificent horses and behaved so well for the artificial lighting. But my absolute star of the shoot was the dark almost black bay horse whose name is Black Diamond. He’s one I had developed and had printed and presented in acrylic and he is always a source of amusement to me at exhibitions. Several people have said to me that he has them transfixed, one woman even said when she caught sight of him she burst into tears, but didn’t know why. Let me know what you think about him and whether he captivates you..

As I was rootling around in the older images I wanted to see if there were more of him that I could develop to interest his fan club, and there is definitely a Black Diamond Fan Club!

So I was thrilled when I found 2 others which I thought worked reasonably well, being sufficiently different from the captivating one above. Let me know what you think about these two.

I think I like the arched neck one better, but as usual Black Diamond has an amazing presence in the other one as well. What do you think it is that evokes such emotions in us?

For information Black Diamond is available as an acrylic with a matt finish which seems to work incredibly well for his images. They can be bought by emailing or phoning me and telling me the size you’d like to have, and I should say that he is such a stunning chap he really merits a large print, e.g. 60 x 80 cm or larger, but of course your wall size will determine what size you can display.

Of course you could always have the set of three horses if you have room….

Call me on 07812 341517 to discuss your needs.