I don’t know about you but my hair is normally cut about once a month. Now we are getting into month 3 of lockdown, and looking at a wait until July for hairdressers. I will be in dreadlocks by then! – well that may be an exaggeration! But just think about how hard it could be to get an appointment with a six week run up for people to book all the spots at your favourite salon! I know the Trade body for hairdressers is being very helpful about what post COVID advice they give their members, but none of that stops our hair from growing, or the waiting list for an appointment getting longer.

So here’s what I feel like at the moment with my fringe too long, into my face and, and hair tickling over my ears.

Though actually as you have guessed it’s an over exuberant plant in a pot in the garden!

It is however absolutely true that I am fed up with my hair and need to take control. The obvious thing is to tie it up and it’s not quite long enough yet for a pony tail, so keeping it out of my face is the main objective to prevent me from having to resort to the nail scissors. However scarves are absolutely great for tying up hair or even just getting it out of the way – like the images below

Me channellling Rosie the Riveter

Here are some models helping me out with the variety of ‘looks’

Looks as though she’s attending a ‘country event’ of some sort
Thoughtful moment, lovely blue eyes!
A neat twist

I’m interested to see how various ways of tying a scarf can alter the impression so much from a studious look to an almost hippy look. Here’s more for you to study – interesting how women of any age can wear and enjoy a scarf.

The abstract boat scarf
The Icelandic scarf
The Lusitano in his stable scarf

So if you’re in the same position, looking forward to another 6 weeks of hair growth unfettered have a look at my shop and see which the scarves might suit you best. There’s a special offer as well so if you buy a full price scarf you can also get a Silk Crepe De Chine Norway Neckerchief (normally £50) for free. Just go to the shop, choose your main scarf, add the Norway Neckerchief to the shopping bag, add the code FREENORWAY and the gift is yours.

Terms and conditions apply of course*, but it’s not restricted to one per person, partly because my best scarf clients often have a collection of their own, featuring either horses, or natural world subjects or some of each. Choose by subject, by colour, by type of silk, by size – there’s a lot to think about. Go and have a look www.katelloydphotography.com/shop

Traditional look

All my scarves are Made In England and with beautiful hand-rolled edges – check them out – warmth, beauty and quality

*Terms and conditions 

To get your free Norway Neckerchief

Go to www.katelloydphotography.com/shop to buy your chosen full price scarf (minimum spend £75). Add it to the basket, then – assuming you also want a free Norway Neckerchief, add a Neckerchief to the basket in the normal way, then use the code FREENORWAY in the basket to get it free. I will send the two items together.

Terms and conditions for the Norway Neckerchief giveaway

Buy a full price scarf to get a free Norway Neckerchief.

1. Limited time offer during May 2020

2. Full price scarf may be returned if faulty for a replacement

3. Full price scarf may be exchanged for a different scarf at same or greater price

4. Full price scarf may be returned for a credit note to be used within 6 months against any item in the shop

5. More than one full price scarf may be bought, and an equivalent number of neckerchiefs will be offered (not limited to one per person)

6. Not to be used with any other special offer

7. No financial alternative