I may not be an old dog, but I’m certainly learning new tricks! A friend who makes beautiful furniture asked me if I could help him with product photographs for a new website. His name is Colin Norgate and his work is absolutely beautiful and his website is here

You can see the beautiful craftsmanship and one of his specialties is lattice work. This amazing umbrella stand took my eye at a craft fair and I really wanted to buy it! If only I didn’t have to explain to my husband where it was going to live!

The tables and stools he makes with this technique are beautiful and complex. I can tell you that editing the photographs has been a tremendous learning experience. Time and again I am muttering to myself “I didn’t know Photoshop could do that” and this is after 20 years of using photoshop – I thought quite extensively. Maybe it’s just like the washing machine, you only use two programmes until something really different comes along! Well this is REALLY different!

He also makes many smaller items which are extremely tempting, bud vases, bowls and other delicious and different types of objects. Some of the vases look like ceramic, but are light as a feather and made of wood too.

The bud vases are particularly attractive to me and come in a variety of shapes, but perhaps the most interesting, and relevant at this time of year is the set of shelves. Having to photograph them lying on the floor made me think they look like fish bones, or maybe even Christmas trees! They come in a variety of different types of wood. Can you imagine this decorated with glass baubles?!

So, as a Christmas theme it might seem a bit of a stretch, but it’s a very different year isn’t it? I hope you have a very enjoyable time in any event despite all the confusion and new regulations. What with the French blockade as well I hope you have lots of turkey, mince pies and Christmas pudding already in the house.

So Ho Ho Ho! and here we go and let’s hope 2021 is a whole lot better.

Warmest wishes

Kate (aged 2 below!)