I’m so thrilled I have learned how to make a book – to show off my images.

The Japanese stab book derives from simple receipt books used by market traders (not money market!).

It was a cheap disposable item, which has become emblematic of Japanese life and a thing of beauty. The pages are hand stitched together.

My book looks like this. For this example, I have used white card for the cover page and black waxed cotton. It could be covered in beautiful Japanese paper, and colourful thread. Perhaps future books will have this level of quality.

The content is abstract images created from pictures of birch bark. Only for the first and last could you imagine the source. I have called the book ‘Six of the best’ but somehow it has turned out to have 12 pages with 11 images.

Here they are

I hope you find it interesting to see images presented this way.

I will shortly be launching a new website for my images and the abstract images here will be available to buy individually.

Please give me some feedback on which images you like best.

Toodle pip!