So love it or hate it Marmite is a thing about which we tend to be definite in our views.

If you’ve not been brought up in the UK and had Marmite on toast from a young age, you may be disgusted by the look and smell of it!

We have had many American students visiting in past years, and by far the majority think that Marmite is appalling, whereas my American granddaughters have learned to love it, having had it from their early days.

Other things about which people have strong views might include ‘The Sales’, or even the much more recent type of Sale, Black Friday. Why it’s called that isn’t entirely clear, and there are various stories. One version is because that’s the day the retailers accounts go from red to black for example. I’m sure there are many other stories too. Whatever the reason I am not a fan.

However you name it, this seems like an artificially urgent sales day, perhaps with incredible offers, but not something I would like to take part in. There are stories of fist fights, and the like!

Bearing this in mind I am planning a Not the Black Friday event. This will include a substantial discount on prices for almost all products and will last two weeks, finishing the day BEFORE Black Friday itself .

I will announce the discount code on November 11th and this will be applicable from 12-26th November.

Some of the products you can choose from are shown below, either Limited Editions, Luxury Silk Scarves or Acrylics.

Young Friesian stallion
Mares in evening light

Reykjavik reflections scarf
Blue and white boat scarf
Red Leaves wrap
Rectangular Camargue Herd Silk Scarf
Camargue herd scarf
Acrylic image over the fireplace

Imagine your chosen image over the fireplace like this lovely chestnut horse acrylic

I hope you’ll have a good look at the options and get ready to select your pick of the products using the discount as soon as it is available.

Keep your eyes skinned for the discount code.

There are also individual items discounted already as I have plans to stop using a particular type of white frame, so if you’re looking for a bargain you can start now.

Checkout the shop here