I am currently in Iceland, for the first time in winter. I love the country and its friendly hospitable people, and have visited several times in the summer, and on one previous occasion to photograph horses.

This time however, everything is white, which makes for the perfect photographic background, especially for white horses.

White on white I hear you say questioning? Well yes, I just love that look.

The wind is a bit wild today and a very savage storm has closed Route 1, the only main road in the island, which is usually kept open.

So I’m now on a voyage of discovery with several new herds to meet when the wind dies down.

From an earlier herd here is a lovely, if over friendly white horse. There are a few patches where the horses have kicked away the snow to get at the grass beneath. In this picture the horse has very kindly positioned his beard and whiskers neatly over one of these areas so they stand out more visibly than if they were overlying the snow!

Having now experienced the cold, which feels so much colder because of the strong winds, it is not surprising that the horses have thick winter coats. Living outside in the bitter winter here wouldn’t be fun without good technical layers, and, obviously, leg warmers.

I took this picture of the shaggiest set of legs I have ever seen and thought you might enjoy them too. Doesn’t he look cuddly!

More pictures as the portfolio develops, keep a lookout for some very fuzzy foals!