I’m often asked about how to wear a scarf. Well there are books, videos and all all sorts of information on this to be had.

I have to admit I generally go for simplicity, as I am not a fussy dresser, and I don’t have lots of luxuriant hair which makes it much easier to look great in scarves.

My luxury silk scarves are three different shapes.

There’s a unisex one featuring the Spanish stallion Cortijero, which I just drape around my neck, and which can be tied loosely – and the silk Georgette scarves which are also rectangular are easy to manage the same way.


There’s also a very effective way to tie the rectangular ones around your head, either with a decorative bow at the front on top of your head, or tied at the nape of your neck.

People with long hair can tie it up in a scarf or even braid the scarf into the hair which looks fantastic. I’ve always envied the ability to grow long hair, but can’t do it myself.

I remember the last time my mother tried to braid my hair. I was 5 years old, and wouldn’t sit still for her. It wasn’t a happy experience and my hair has stayed short ever since.

In this little film you can see how gorgeous Julia looks with each of three scarves on.

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Now here’s the film


Don’t forget that these are available online at my scarf shop