Don’t leave your pictures in hostile environments

What do I mean by that? – no I don’t mean at the in-laws!

Too hot? Too damp? Forgotten in a corner?

Well here’s what happened to one of mine which is a picture I absolutely love and had mislaid. Sad to say it was clearly falling out of its mount and sitting in the sun. You can see the streak of the original background where the mount card still covered the picture. Most sadly this picture was taken about 41 years ago so not digital. It will be partly possible to resurrect it, but not quite the same. I’m certain I don’t still have the negative as it was taken so long ago, and I have definitely moved house about five times since then!

So, my question for you is How do you store your pictures and how do you display them?

Nowadays almost nobody has prints of their pictures, and they sit in a digital black hole, on a phone or an old laptop, on a CD or DVD – “What?” I hear you ask – yes DVDs used to be the most up to date thing that was used for digital storage. Before iTunes, Apple, Spotify, digital streaming or the Cloud.

I still have some, but my computer spits them out in contempt when I try to check what’s on them.

The nice plastic boxes in which DVDs were stored to protect them are now counted as non-recyclable toxins, for which the owner should probably be incarcerated in the Tower of London. Shhhh! I just put a big stack of them in the local recycling bin, weeping quietly at the waste of it!

Now here’s the corrected image, a little bit better, but still not very good. It’s a bit soft even though it was printed from film. Still there’s something for me to enjoy for a few more years, if I can only remember where I saved it.