For a person who likes to imagine she specialises in photographing horses it’s been a funny old week!

I’ve done a corporate shoot for a friend who has a new website in planning and that was a lot of fun.

Next came a magnificent house which has been built and partly furnished. The developer asked me to “do something special and a bit arty, not like normal estate agents shots” as the house is so incredible.

And the third shoot was planned for a friend who needs a photo for her book which is about to be published. She is a very knowledgeable gardener and wanted it to be taken in a particular part of the garden. Well, you saw all that rain! So we had to delay that shoot for a few days. Taking account of the weather forecast it was planned again for this week. Wednesday started as a gorgeous day after the hideous wet days before. I drove the 3 miles to her house and down came the rain again!

The closest I came to any sort of animal photography was an elephant in the beautiful house. Here he is I think he’s rather lovely!