Here’s another Icelandic horse, this time caught in the very act of munching through the snow! Doesn’t it look funny, but it’s interesting that in general you don’t see their teeth, except for when they decide to bite each other.

The snow normally covers the grass up completely so they have to bury their noses deeply in the snow to get to it.

Beard, grass and gnashers

He also has a lovely beard which shows quite well here. His eye is hidden under the luxuriant forelock, which adds an air of mystery.

When you were little did you try to catch snowflakes in your mouth? I think this lovely Palamino Icelandic horse is seriously trying to do that!

Other reasons for using the teeth

Here’s a little melee going on between two or three horses. It’s rather hard to tell if all three are participants or if it’s just one of them taking advantage of an unwary moment. Still it’s very amusing!

Caught in the act!

This little spat shows the aggressor caught in the act looking incredibly guilty, I think it’s the funniest face I have ever captured!

It was such a pleasure and an honour to be so readily accepted by the herd that they carried on with all the usual behaviour like this.