I’m attaching a short film of me photographing a horse so I can show you something about me that might be of interest.

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph Snip, a most obliging horse, who looks great in the film.

You can see how well he behaves even with artificial lights – in fact he took no notice of the strobes at all.

I absolutely love horses and have done so since I was very small. I know most small girls love horses, but, for me, the passion has been lifelong.

Given the chance of how to spend a day, just the thought of being with horses gives me a lift, and the reality fills me with joy.

I hope you like the short film, you can see I am somewhat horse obsessed.

I developed the idea of luxury silk scarves with horse images as a result of client’s suggestion.

I found that many people reckon they have no wall space for pictures, so the scarves are a form of art you can enjoy without compromising wall space.

I will be offering the scarves in 8 different designs at the Hickstead Longines event from July 24-29th

See more about that event here



Please come and see me on Stand 63 near the Members entrance