I know that it’s almost spring time, (yes, roll on the warmer weather!) but I wanted to show you a couple of images I took in the fall, (that’s autumn to the Brits), in Colorado.

The sharp blue and green of the grass reflected in a pool of water in a garden took me by surprise. I couldn’t resist it. Stunning colours I think, and my plan for this image is to turn it into a large acrylic image, thin wafers of acrylic, which sandwich the print and give it an incredible luminescence. I can’t wait to see it.

The other image I was looking for in the same garden was an idea for a new scarf for my non-equine collection. I wanted to capture the glowing fire colours of autumn leaves while isolating one of a small bunch of leaves sharply. Here is the resulting image from which the scarf design is created.

In the next few weeks I will be exhibiting at a variety of Art Fairs and Craft Fairs, and I hope to have the new scarf ready for you to review at one of these. I do already have a prototype so have been able to capture some images for you to see how gorgeous the colours are. And if you are keen you are welcome to send me a note, or call me about pre-ordering one.

The scarf is huge, 42 inches x 64 inches (100.8 cm x 153.6 cm) and is priced at £225.00. It is silk Georgette, very luxurious and Made in England. It’s beautifully hand finished, by experts with 40 years experience of working with various typed of silk. Check out those gorgeous rolled edges!!

The other scarves in both equine and non-equine collections are available to buy on-line at www.katelloydphotography.com/shop