On a recent trip to France I met a glorious white Spanish stallion called Chico.

Being a very obliging horse, I was able to do a series of similar images with a variety of techniques. I like slowing down the shutter to create a blur and in this little series have a standard sharp shot, and then several increasingly slow shutter versions.

This is taken at a 20th of a second

I love the blur, and the fact that he gets more and more mysterious.

This is taken at a 15th of a second

This is taken at a 13th of a second

I also had a chance to do some intentional camera movement (ICM) which gives yet another type of image.This is taken at a 15th of a second but with intentional camera movement during the exposure. I think it almost looks like a drawing

He also ran free on the beach which looks wonderful.

For me this is the ultimate emotional moment, when he is showing his beauty and power in a totally free and natural situation. What an absolute star he is!

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