I have lots to say about boats, as you’ll see. This is the last of the series of new watery images which will be shown on my stand at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair on November 10th and 11th.

This is a close up of the bow of a decaying boat in a boat yard on the West coast of France. I spent about an hour looking around this boat yard and capturing a series of amazing images. Up very close and personal to these decaying boats I found the patterns entrancing. It might seem odd to anyone who is looking for beauty and realism in photography, but there is far more to it than that. I find my images both of water and horses becoming increasingly abstract and will be showing more abstract images at the Windsor Art Fair too.


The geometry of this one appealed to me most. However there were several boats where paint was peeling, holes in the hull, warped planks, ropes embedded in the holes in the boats, and altogether a kaleidoscope of colours, making my point again about some images absolutely requiring their colour to ‘work’ visually.

Can you imagine this boat bearing down on you as you bob about on the sea, with its vastness being a real threat to your life?! Sorry getting a little carried away there, I’ve been watching “Saving Lives at Sea” the series about the RNLI. Amazing, terrifying, inspiring and thought provoking. I was once fished out of the rough, cold March sea in Cornwall so I know what a frightening time that can be when you’re cold, helpless and feeling very scared.

Well this boat is no threat and I suspect will never go to sea again, so that’s OK!

Come and see the image safely framed and completely immobile on Stand 63.