In a normal year I would be spending this weekend at the Contemporary Art Fair at Sandown Park. In Covid times it is of course cancelled, and therefore on-line only.

As a substitute for this I will be making a little video of the images from my trip to Venice which were printed and made into acrylics specifically for the show. If you’re unsure what I mean about ‘acrylic’ let me explain.

Acrylic paint is used by artists as a medium for their painting. What I mean is that a photographic print is sandwiched between 2 layers of acrylic glass. This creates a marvellous luminescence which for some images is magical.

Some of my acrylics look amazing with a glossy finish, whereas others require a mat finish. The colourful houses on the island of Burano are particularly impressive in acrylic format.

Here are a few samples to share. All are now available on the website shop, so feel free to go and have a look.

Burano 1
Burano colourful houses
Brightest Burano
Church Time on Burano – Piazza Baldessare Galuppo

Of course the mainland of Venice provides amazing photographic opportunities. Here are some for your delectation. All these are presented as acrylics.

Ghostly Wharf
Ghostly Gondolas
Venice Bridge at Night
Venice – Two Bridges

I hope these glimpses of Venice may have cheered you up, in light of the upcoming further restrictions. Of course there’s also Christmas so go and have a look at my shop and see if there’s something you’d like, for yourself or for friends/family.

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