In my previous blog I mentioned two new categories of product on the shop. The first was the acrylics which I described at length. Now it’s time for the second category.

Artist’s proof is a term which indicates exclusivity – in a sense even greater than a Limited Edition.

When an image is to be printed a proof print is made to check that the image comes out as expected. I already told you about how tricky the chemistry of printing can be, so you’ll understand well that things can go wrong. In order to be sure that a print will come out right each time, a proof print is made. The first print of an image can be classified as an Artist’s proof.

Very often the artists don’t sell these, but keep them as a an archive of all their work.

I have seen artist’s proofs selling for three times the price of a limited Edition print, (and with many 0000s on!), so you can see there’s a particular cachet for buying one. My artist’s proofs are limited to a maximum of two for any image.

In general there will be only one. So ‘listen verry carefully I shall offer zis only once!’ (you’ll have to imagine the revolver, the beret, the trench coat and the bright red lipstick!)

Each artist’s proof is marked A/P in the bottom left hand corner.

Depending on the size they are from £150 upwards.

Best news – they are included in the discount offer if you had a code for taking part in my recent competition, so this would be a very good time to get one or more of your most loved horse prints. I do have some non-horse prints available too, but the majority are horses.

Here are some examples of the absolute favourites

Shadow horse
Creamy Icelandic 1
Creamy Icelandic
Knots or What
Classic Camargue herd in the lagoon

So if being rather special appeals to you, have a look at the new category of artist’s proofs and pick your favourite. And if you have an absolute favourite image that you don’t see here, please ask if A/P is available as it might be available yet not on the website – so ask me.

Please note all artist’s proofs are sold unframed

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