I recently met someone so special I want to tell you all about her.

At the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair last November, as at a number of similar events, many people who stopped to see my stand said “I’ve just arrived, I’m going to have a look around and come back to you”. Some of them actually did come back to me at the event. Others didn’t and are never seen again, but that’s fine.

As a nation we’re too embarrassed and awkward to say right out, “this isn’t for me”.

However Nadine was very enthusiastic about the images and said “I will come back to you”, and she did. Not immediately, because she was thinking through her needs and wishes. So when she called me I remembered her of course, not least because she is simply gorgeous to look at. Small, slim, blonde, with stunning looks.

Her needs were in the process of being refined, so I arranged to go and visit her, and see her beautiful house, with a lovely empty wall, just begging for a really big horse image.

I took her a show of the options we had jointly selected over the phone, and a few others as well, and it was extremely helpful to me to see her lovely room, and identify the location for the image, the colour scheme of the room and her other pictures, so I could get a flavour of her style. Here are a few of the images we selected from

Champion Friesian Stallion in Colour

The next step was to look at some real framed images in the location. I had selected a few, none of them was a large as she wanted, but it was a great way to look at colours, shapes and options.

Finally she chose her picture and we worked on the size and presentation she required.

She has given permission for the pictures of the final item she chose in situ to be shown on this blog, and here it is.

As a result of this lovely experience I am keen to continue working in this way with people who are serious about the need for wall art.

I’m setting up a VIP service to work with others in just the same way as with Nadine.

Please come and visit me at one of the events where I will be exhibiting this year. The first one is the Contemporary Art Fair at Sandown Park on March 16-17th

There is a Private view on the evening before the show opens to the general public and I will be sending out invitations to this as soon as possible. If you are interested to come please let me know. It’s a really fun evening with wine and nibbles, and a chance to see the show without the crowds. To join my VIP programme all you have to do it introduce yourself.

Come and talk about your preferred image type, I would love to meet you! Just be sure to save the dates March 15th 6-9 pm by VIP invitation or 16-17th for the whole show