Now that I have finally got a haircut I can’t moan about that any more. So, as I’m a fan of the musical Hamilton, “what did I miss?” as Thomas Jefferson says to Alexander Hamilton on his return from France.

Shows, events and face to face interactions.

Contemporary art Fairs event at Sandown happened in March but I couldn’t attend – hooray for their brave attempt to host another one in September – more about that anon.

Craft in Focus show at Wisley should have happened in April

Royal Windsor Horse show should have happened in May, but there will be an extra ‘virtual Windsor’ in September

Seeing people face to face at the events I would usually attend, either as exhibitor or just as part of the public, that’s what I’ve missed so much. It’s always a lot of fun to get together with people who share ones loves, in my case horses, water and subjects from nature. I love the Royal Windsor Horse show because you can almost guarantee that every one there loves horses too. One exception to this happened to me the last time I exhibited there.

A couple came into my stand looking at the prints and scarves. She was absolutely loving it, and he was looking round a bit unimpressed with an occasional ‘Harrumph’! Then he caught sight of one of my abstract images, and said “Well I don’t really care for horses, unlike my wife who is obsessed with horses. But I would definitely have that picture in my house because it doesn’t look like a horse!”

Here’s the picture in question

Abstract horse

I wonder if you agree with him that it doesn’t look like a horse. I can’t distance myself from having taken the picture so there’s no way I could see it as anything else. But I’m good at seeing horses where none exist! Here’s are some of my other abstracts – starting with a herd.

Abstract herd
A suggestion of an Arab horse on a beach

I love this as it seems like just a suggestion of a horse who is galloping along a beach

A Ghostly mare and foal

This is another suggestion – this time of a mare and foal, in black and white with considerable Intentional Camera Movement, (ICM) causing a whopping great blur. I love it, but I know it’s breaking all the rules, so would be widely disapproved of by traditional photographers! I hope you think it’s fun, I certainly do.

Some of these images are for sale on my shop, and those that are not can be discussed by calling me on +44 7812 341517

I’m using the International dialling code convention because some of my absolutely best clients are US based. I can just imagine that they need some distraction from the appalling Covid situation there, so I hope they and everyone will enjoy looking at my ‘suggested horses’ to take their mind off raging pandemic news. In fact today I have just posted off one of my exclusive Artist’s proofs to a wonderful client in Florida. Here’s the print – he’s one of my absolute favourite Lusitano stallions and I’m so pleased she has chosen it.

If by chance you also love him he is still available as a Limited Edition print, though the artist’s proof is no longer available – it’s en route to Florida!

White Lusitano stallion on a grey wall – artist’s proof

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