Our daily lockdown exercise tends to be a walk in the local countryside, and we are very fortunate that we can do this largely without meeting anyone, so retaining our social distancing obligations. While walking various topics of conversation come up, though we walk for long periods enjoying the silence around us and listening to the bird song we can enjoy to the full as we walk along.

Today we found new paths which took us into more and more wonderful bluebell woods and I will provide some pictures to entertain you. However the title walking the walk, could be expanded to talking the talk. We often find that a particular word strikes one of us, and it may be a commonly used word or an old fashioned word.

How about the word swathe? Is that a word you would use? I used it about a vista of bluebells, yet I’m not sure what is its definition, so I looked it up and here is what I discovered.

  1. broad strip or area of something.”vast¬†swathes of¬†countryside” (YES!)
  2. row or line of grass, corn, or other crop as it falls or lies when mown or reaped.
Swathe of bluebells?

I think this counts as a swathe, perhaps not a vast swathe, but a jolly spiffing one all the same. More words of the day will follow and if you are interested, please feel free to contribute your own!