Tuesday 28th April 2020 would have been the day to build the exhibition stand for Wisley’s Craft in Focus Spring Fair. I look forward to this normally and so missing out because of ‘you-know-what’ is a great shame.

I thought therefore that as we have #virutalwisley #craftinfocus maybe I should try build a virtual stand.

I would also appreciate your feedback on which images I should use, or change. You can see my other options in the shop at www.katelloydphotography.com/shop

I have made a little video of the stand build process for fun, which I will post on my Facebook page Kate Lloyd Photography as it seemingly can’t be loaded here.

I don’t know if you have seen this software in action, but stick with it for a minute as it’s quite good fun!

Some image options are shown here though so let me know which you like best so I can build the stand right for the next event whenever that may be!

First of all the watery image options if you’re not a ‘horsey person’

Blue and white boat
Carrelet with two
Blue boat on the river

Now for some alternative horse images

Ice Beard
Icelandic horse with icy beard
Soulful Lusitano
soulful Lusitano
Champion Friesian Stallion in Black and White
Champion Friesian stallion
Pearl Horse
Pearl Horse

So if you go to my Facebook page and find the video you can tell me which images you would keep and which you would swap out. I find however large the space I reserve at any event it never feels quite big enough!.