I am not sure why it is the case, but often when I have completed a photoshoot I can’t ‘see’ what the images are like. It takes a while to visually digest what’s there, and see it for what it is. Maybe others don’t have this problem, but I have recently found that going back to a shoot I can find unusual and unexpected images that I have completely missed before.

When you were little did you try to catch snowflakes on your tongue?

This fellow seems to be trying that trick and here’s another one that shows how hard it is for the Icelandic horses to find food in winter.

Warm insulation is vital when the top temperature of the day is -6C and there’s no protection from the wind and this little fellow looks as though he’s wearing a specially thick fleece jacket. It’s not exactly stylish or sophisticated but I’m sure it works well.

I’m picking out some from a shoot in Iceland in February this year where the close up detail is what makes the image. Some are chosen for their amusement, some for their beauty, or for interest or for emotional content.

Here’s one which I think shows that the devil is in the detail. I love horses’ eyes, there is often so much expression and emotion in them, and they are worth studying. This one seems to. have collected an unusual bunch of ‘watchers’ or maybe ‘groupies’ I think I am the one kneeling down in the snow.