For a photographer reflections can be a bonus or a nuisance. If you are in a room with loads of mirrors it’s important not to appear in the picture yourself unless that’s your aim! If you actually want the reflections they can still be tricky to manage. But outdoors reflections can look amazing.

You can take a horse to water

At the Windsor Contemporary art Fair next weekend I will be showing a couple of new images with reflections. One is called ‘You can take a horse to water’ and the other is just called Reflections. Come along and see what’s on offer. There’s lots of new images since last year and some new scarves too. My new motto is ‘We make women feel wonderful!’

In case you’re male and wondering where you fit in – “We help men help women feel wonderful”


I also have a special offer for my equine themed umbrella and a matching Unisex scarf Come along to stand 17 at Windsor Race course from Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th, or if you are free on Friday evening call me for an invitation to the Private View. It will be great to see you!