I’ve been working on developing abstract images, and I’m ready to share some with you now.

Pattern recognition is an inbuilt preference for our brains and this is key to looking at abstract images.

Some are really unrecognisable abstract images and in some you may be able to see something you recognise. How we interpret images is very personal, and individual, and guided by everything we have ever seen before. How marvellous that is!

See what you think about some of these. The original images were taken in my favourite boat yard in Western France.

Boatyard 1
Boatyard 2
Boatyard 3

I could imagine these looking marvellous in acrylics, or framed and lined up together on a wall in a room that is fairly modern. Obviously they wouldn’t work so well in the hall of a stately home!

If you’re looking for modern abstract, do get in touch.

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