I don’t know about you but I am astonished to find that autumn is here! How quickly the months have passed even if, at the time they seemed to drag. I had become used to a certain routine of walking the Surrey Hills three times a week to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors, and now there seem to be so many other things to do instead, and it’s hard to find time for that nice long walk we used to do. I can no longer polish my halo!

But, it’s certain that autumn has arrived, along with my first Christmas card – from a charity – I thought …. no I can’t say what I thought it’s too rude and uncharitable! So instead let’s think about the seasons.

Autumn in Colorado led me to create a scarf which is huge, more of a wrap in Silk Georgette measuring 100.8 x 153.6cm (42 x64 inches). Here’s Ella wearing it as a sarong.

So what does October and Autumn mean to you? Cooler days with wind and rain, flying leaves and gorgeous colours? Leaf peeping?

I was pondering this in the night when for some reason I couldn’t sleep, so please take this ditty in that context, with apologies to The Sound of Music.

Covid restrictions and plans for the seasons, Booking a trip, with a flight, for no reasons, Nobody knows what the future might bring, Nature continues to ‘do its own thing’

Carve up a pumpkin? or am I too lazy? Vaccine confusion and Twitter’s gone crazy, Charity Christmas cards coming too soon, fox calls at night and a bright harvest moon.

Raindrops on hedges and chocolate confections, No more Black Friday, debates and elections, Amazon packages -mystery parcels, Netflix’s histories, set in real castles.

Buying a present for friends is enticing, Online ‘events’ with elaborate pricing, Is it a discount or only a scam, wanted a bargain with cream and with jam

(The tune changes here)

Now, in pictures, see my favourites and it’s not just a fad, you’ll surely receive what you ordered from here and then you won’t feel so sad.

Shhhh…… enough of that now Julie Andrews!

Winter in Iceland to me means time with horses in the bitter cold, and reflections in water.

The horses are prints, some artist’s proofs, the reflections (of the windows of the new opera house in the harbour) are another Silk Georgette scarf. This one measures 186 x 50cm (73 x 20 inches)

Here’s Megan wearing it – nonchalantly, showing off how lovely and floaty it is.

Brave Icelandic horses, protected by their tough warm coats, but still looking a little sad in the snow. This one was my Christmas card last year. I have Greetings Cards with a slightly different image but the same scene – if you’re interested let me know. Here’s a link to a relevant selection of cards

Dark Icelandic Foal Winter Horse Print

What a lovely thick, warm coat on this foal!

Cheating slightly (skipping over spring for the purpose of showing you one of my all time favourite images) here’s a lovely Icelandic horse in summer which is a Limited edition print but has also been used for a large square scarf in Habotai silk measuring 107cm square (42 inches).

Here’s Ella again wearing the scarf, which blends so prettily with her hair.

I’ll come back to spring in another blog. I promise, no whiskers, no kittens next time.

I hope you enjoyed the little ditty and had a singalong, but let’s hope that the tune isn’t stuck in your head all day.

If you think a luxury silk scarf would be perfect for your friend, sister, aunt or granny, but you can’t choose for her, why not get a gift voucher so she can choose for herself.

P.S. Keep a good lookout for the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair which will be virtual of course, and takes place from November 13th to 22nd. I will be sending out ‘invitations’ – there may be live demonstrations by some artists, which you can watch by invitation, sadly I can do one for now, but working on some new approaches.