Some years ago I met the people at Mane Chance Sanctuary. Jenny Seagrove, whose acting I have long admired, set up the charity to help a friend who was no longer able to cope with feeding her animals. Steadily the animals were managed, given away and otherwise safely looked after elsewhere, until it was just a haven for horses that had been abused or abandoned.

The stories of each horse can be found on the Mane Chance website click here to see them in detail

My remit became an opportunity to take pictures for the Calendar. Several of the volunteer helpers were photographed with their favourite horse and many of the horses featured in the calendar, but it is the relationship Jenny has with the horses that makes me proud to be a human being.

The love, and affection each horse has for Jenny is evident, and you can also see how she returns the affection to each of the horses pictured below.

At times when the world seems dark, hopeless or confused looking at these pictures gives my heart a lift. I hope it does the same for you. Mane Chance will having an open day on August 18th. Do come along and have a tour of the place if you haven’t yet been there, and see what you can do to help support this very worthwhile horse charity.