By now you’ll be used to my passion for black and white photography, but sometimes the colour is too important to lose.

This lovely little boat floating unattended in a bend of the river is a good case in point. Mind you, it also features my very favourite type of blue, the turquoise hue just makes me feel happy, I don’t know why!

Now I have admitted my bias here’s a lovely close up of the boat’s hull with its reflection in the cool water of the river.

There’s a lovely sense of calm in this scene with the stillness of the river and the mystery about why this boat is here at this moment.

All of these images absolutely require their colour to work well, and all will be on offer on my  stand at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair on November 10/11th at the Windsor Racecourse.

I know it’s short notice but if you have a spare moment do come by and see me on Stand 63. I am showing these images each of which is the first of a Limited Edition of 15.

Any of these would make a great Christmas or Thanksgiving gift for a friend who loves art or boats.

You can also see the show guide at this link. My entry is on Page 17

Do pop in if you have time.